Gleeditions The Tragedy of Macbeth
by William Shakespeare


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Recommended Online Edition

• Professor-approved online edition
• Text based on First Folio (1623)
• Updated spelling and punctuation
• Modernization of some commonly
used word forms (e.g., ye to you)

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Context/Background in Brief
(e.g., map of medieval Scotland)

Historical/Literary Context
• Map of medieval Scotland
• Kingship of the historical Macbeth
• Kings and wives in Gaelic society
• Family tree: King Duncan to James I
• Fact v. fiction in Macbeth (chart)
• Shakespeare's sources
• Witches in Renaissance life and letters
• Censorship in Shakespeare's England
• The Gunpowder Plot
• Performance History (a cursed play?)
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Navigational Features

• Hyperlinked index
• Table of Contents
• Search box
• Interpage links (e.g., Next Page)

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Annotations for 7 Literary Elements
• Characters
• Plot
• Setting
• Style
• Themes/Issues
• Vocabulary
• Voice/Point of View
Each including subcategories

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Plus images, glossary, hyperlinks between related passages, video clip(s), and, in the Individual Edition, save annotations feature.

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