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A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen

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Come come; we can't afford to squander money.

Oh yes, Torvald, do let us squander a little, now--just the least little bit! You know you'll soon be earning heaps of money.
Yes, from New Year's Day. But there's a whole quarter before my first salary is due.

Never mind; we can borrow in the meantime.

Nora! [He goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear.] Still my little featherbrain! Supposing I borrowed a thousand crowns to-day, and you made ducks and drakes of them during Christmas week, and then on New Year's Eve a tile blew off the roof and knocked my brains out--

[Laying her hand on his mouth.] Hush! How can you talk so horridly?

But supposing it were to happen--what then?

If anything so dreadful happened, it would be all the same to me whether I was in debt or not.
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