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A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen

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The same room. In the corner, beside the piano, stands the Christmas-tree, stripped, and with the candles burnt out. NORA's outdoor things lie on the sofa. NORA, alone, is walking about restlessly. At last she stops by the sofa, and takes up her cloak.

[Dropping the cloak.] There's somebody coming! [Goes to the hall door and listens.] Nobody; of course nobody will come to-day, Christmas-day; nor to-morrow either. But perhaps--[Opens the door and looks out.]--No, nothing in the letter box; quite empty. [Comes forward.] Stuff and nonsense! Of course he won't really do anything. Such a thing couldn't happen. It's impossible! Why, I have three little children.
ANNA enters from the left, with a large cardboard box.

I've found the box with the fancy dress at last.

Thanks; put it down on the table.

[Does so.] But I'm afraid it's very much out of order.

Oh, I wish I could tear it into a hundred thousand pieces!

Oh, no. It can easily be put to rights--just a little patience.

I shall go and get Mrs. Linden to help me.

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