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The Art of War
Sun Tzu

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Metaphors, Similes, and Other Analogies in The Art of War

While English translations of The Art of War vary, the comparisons set down in the original do not. Here is a list of them. For their context, refer to the page from which they are taken. 

Page Chapter Metaphors, Similes, and Other Analogies
7 4.05 Those skilled in defense conceal themselves* in the lowest depths of the Earth. Those skilled in attack move in the highest reaches of the Heavens. 
7 4.08 Lifting an autumn downis not considered great strength, seeing the sun and the moon is not considered a sign of sharp vision, hearing thunder is not considered a sign of sensitive hearing.
8 4.16 A victorious army is like a ton against an ounce; a defeated army is like an ounce against a ton! The victorious army is like pent-up waters released, bursting through a deep gorge.*
9 5.01 Commanding many is like commanding a few.*... Doing battle with a large army is like doing battle with a small army. 
9 5.03 The army will be like throwing a stone against an egg;*
9 5.04 Those skilled at uncommon maneuvers are as endless as the heavens and earth, and as inexhaustible as the rivers and seas.*
9 5.05 Like the sun and the moon, they set and rise again.Like the four seasons, they end and begin again.
9 5.05-06 There are no more than five* musical notes, yet the variations in the five notes cannot all be heard.... In battle, there are no more than two types of attacks.
9 5.07 The common and the uncommon produce each other,* like an endless circle. 
9 5.08 The rush of torrential waters tossing boulders illustrates force. The strike of a bird of prey breaking the body of its target illustrates timing.
10 5.10  Their force is like a drawn crossbow and their timing is like the release of the trigger.
10  5.17 One who exploits force commands men into battle like rolling logs and boulders.*
10 5.18 Those skilled in warfare use force by making the troops in battle like boulders rolling down a steep mountain.

* indicates that there is an explanatory footnote for the hyperlinked item on its page.
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