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Billy Budd, Sailor
Herman Melville

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sequestration, sequester 1. To cause to withdraw into seclusion. 2. To remove or set apart; segregate.

Seventy-four A third-rate man-of-war carrying seventy-four guns. The seventy-four, the type of ship that made up the bulk of the royal fleet at the time of the narrative, was noted for a balance of firepower and maneuverability.

sham 1. Something false or empty that is purported to be genuine; a spurious imitation. 2. The quality of deceitfulness; empty pretense. 3. One who assumes a false character; an impostor: He a man! Hell! He was a hollow sham!. (Joseph Conrad).

shoddy 1. Made of or containing inferior material. 2. a. Of poor quality or craft. b. Rundown; shabby. 3. Dishonest or reprehensible: shoddy business practices. 4. Conspicuously and cheaply imitative.

ship's yeoman An appointed officer who has charge of supplies and keeps accounts in his special department.

shotbox The shotbox is where ammunition for the guns is stored.

shrouds A range of large ropes extending from the mastheads to the sides of the ship to provide lateral support to the masts, thereby enabling them to carry the sails. Parallel bands of ratlines (light lines) between the shrouds functioned as ladders for the topmen to climb up and down the mastheads.

sidetackles As a means of securing the gun, the sidetackle (or side-tackle) is connected to either side of a gun-carriage as well as to the ship's side.

sober 1. Habitually abstemious in the use of alcoholic liquors or drugs; temperate. 2. Not intoxicated or affected by the use of drugs. 3. Plain or subdued: sober attire. 4. Devoid of frivolity, excess, exaggeration, or speculative imagination; straightforward: gave a sober assessment of the situation. 5. Marked by seriousness, gravity, or solemnity of conduct or character. 6. Marked by circumspection and self-restraint.

spar-deck At one time, it was any temporary deck. It came to be the common term for the entire upper deck above the main deck.

spar A spar is the general term for all the poles in a vessels rigging and includes masts, yards, and booms.
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