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Candide, Or The Optimist

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But his first minister having represented to him, with a firmness not very common, that such an unheard-of favour with regard to a stranger might alienate the hearts of his subjects, he revoked that order, and Candide was carried back to his apartments.

They put him to bed, after having bathed his feet with vinegar. The grandees came round him in order to congratulate him on his good fortune. The Sophi then came to assist him in person, and not only gave him his hand to kiss, according to the custom, but likewise honoured him with a great blow of his fist on his mouth. From whence the politicians conjectured that Candide would arrive at extraordinary preferment, and, what is very uncommon, though politicians, they were not deceived.  

Fresh Favours conferred on Candide; his great Advancement. 

As soon as our hero was cured, he was introduced to the king, to return him his thanks. The monarch received him very graciously. He gave him two or three hearty boxes on the ear during their conversation, and conducted him back as far as the guard-room with several sound kicks on the posteriors, at which the courtiers were ready to burst for envy. Since his majesty had been in a drubbing humour, no person had ever received such signal marks of his majesty's favour in this way as Candide.

Three days after this interview, our philosopher, who was enraged at the favours he had received, and thought that everything went very bad, was nominated Governor of Chusistan, with an absolute power. He was decorated with a fur-cap, which is a grand mark of distinction in Persia. He took his leave of the Sophi, and departed for Sus, the capital of his province. From the moment that Candide made his appearance at Court, the grandees had conspired his destruction.
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