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Candide, Or The Optimist

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Candide and Pangloss arrive in the Propontis; what they saw there, and what became of them. 

"O CANDIDE!" said Pangloss, "why were you tired of cultivating your garden? Why did we not still continue to eat citrons and pistachio-nuts? Why were you weary of your happiness? Because everything is necessary in the best of worlds, there was a necessity that you should undergo the bastinado in the presence of the King of Persia; have your leg cut off in order to make Chusistan happy; to experience the ingratitude of men; and draw down upon the heads of some atrocious villains the punishment which they had deserved." With such talk as this they arrived at their old habitation. The first objects that presented themselves were Martin and Pacquette in the habit of slaves. "Whence," said Candide to them, "is this metamorphosis?" after embracing them tenderly. "Alas!" answered they, sobbing, "you have no more a habitation; another has undertaken the labour of cultivating your garden; he eats your preserved citrons and pistachios, and we are treated like negroes." "Who," says Candide," is this other?" "The High Admiral," answered they "a mortal the least humane of all mortals. The Sultan, willing to recompense his services without putting himself to any expense, has confiscated all your goods, under pretext that you had gone over to his enemies, and condemned us to slavery. Be advised by me, Candide," added Martin, "and continue your journey. I always told you everything is for the worst; the sum of evil exceeds by much that of good. Begone, and I do not despair but you may become a Manicheean, if you are not so already." Pangloss would have begun an argument in form, but Candide interrupted him to ask about Miss Cunegund, the old woman, Brother Giroflee, and Cacambo. "Cacambo," answered Martin, "is here; he is at present employed about emptying a house of office. The old woman is dead, from a kick given her by a eunuch in the breast. Brother Giroflee has entered among the janissaries.
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