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Candide, Or The Optimist

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They looked upon it as a duty not to suffer Agaton and Suname (for so the old couple were called) to want for anything. Their charity extended to the new-comers. "Alas!" said Candide," it is a great loss, my dear Pangloss, that you were burnt. You were master of sound reason; but yet in all the parts of Europe and Asia, which I have travelled over in your company, everything is not for the best: it is only in El Dorado, whither no one can go, and in a little cottage situated in the coldest, most barren, and frightful region in the world. What pleasure should I have to hear you   harangue about the pre-established harmony and monads!" I should be very willing to pass my days among these honest Lutherans; but I must renounce going to mass, and resolve to be torn to pieces in the Journal chrétien.  

Candide was very inquisitive to learn the adventures of Zenoida, but complaisance withheld him from speaking to her about it. She perceived the respectful constraint he put upon himself, and satisfied his impatience in the following terms.  

The history of Zenoida. How Candide fell in love with her, and what followed. 

"I AM come of one of the most ancient families in Denmark. One of my ancestors perished at that horrid feast which the wicked Christiern prepared for the destruction of so many senators. The riches and dignity with which our family has been distinguished have hitherto served only to make them more eminently unfortunate, My father had the presumption to displease a great man in power by boldly telling him the truth. He was presently accused by suborned witnesses of a number of crimes which had no foundation. His judges were deceived. Alas! where is that judge who can always discover those snares which envy and treachery lay for unguarded innocence? My father was sentenced to be beheaded. He had no way left to avoid his fate but by flight.
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