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Candide, Or The Optimist

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"Have you not remarked," answered Candide, "this young country girl? Is she not a very pretty brunette?" "She has something very taking in her countenance," says Cacambo. "She has squeezed my hand," replied the philosopher. " Did you mind," says Cacambo, " how that in the hurry of the dance, her handkerchief falling aside, discovered a very pretty neck? I took particular notice of it." "Look you," said Candida, "had I not my heart filled with Miss Zenoida--"The little brunette  interrupted him by begging him to take one dance with her. Our hero at length consented and danced with the best grace in the world. The dance finished, he kissed his smart country girl and retired to his seat, without calling out the queen of the ring. Upon this a murmuring arose; every one, as well performers as spectators, appeared greatly incensed at so flagrant a piece of disrespect. Candide never dreamed he had been guilty of any fault, and consequently did not attempt to make any reparation. A rude clown came up to him and gave him a blow with his fist upon the nose. Cacambo returns it to the peasant with a kick. In an instant the musical instruments are all broken; the girls loose their caps; Candide and Cacambo fight like heroes, but at length are obliged to take to their heels, after a very hearty drubbing. 

"Everything is embittered to me," said Candide, giving his arm to his friend Cacambo; I have experienced a great many misfortunes, but I did not expect to be thus bruised to a mummy for my dancing with a country girl at her own request.  

Candide and Cacambo go into an Hospital, and whom they meet with there. 

CACAMBO and his old master were quite dispirited. They began to fall into that sort of malady of the mind which extinguishes all the faculties: they fell into a depression of spirits and despair, when they perceived an hospital which was built for strangers.
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