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Candide, Or The Optimist

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The Baron was afraid to say the horse was his. They carried off poor Candide, and Miss Cunegund wept for a whole quarter of an hour. The Jesuit seemed perfectly unconcerned at this accident. "I should have been obliged to have killed him, or to have made him marry you over again," says he to his sister; "and, all things considered, what has just happened is much the best for the honour of our family." Cunegund departed with her brother, and only the faithful Cacambo remained, who would not forsake his friend.  

Consequent of Candide’s Misfortune. How he found his Mistress again; and the Fortune that happened to him. 

"O PANGLOSS," said Candide, "what a pity it is you perished so miserably! You have been witness only to a part of my misfortunes; and I hoped to have prevailed on you to forsake the ill-founded opinion which you maintained to your last breath. No man ever suffered greater calamities than I have done; but there is not a single individual who has not cursed his existence, as the daughter of Pope Urban warmly expressed herself. What will become of me, my dear Cacambo?" "Faith, I cannot tell," said Cacambo; "all I know is, that I will not forsake you." "But Miss Cunegund has forsaken me," says Candide. "Alas! a wife is of far less value than a menial servant who is a true friend."  

Candide and Cacambo discoursed thus in the black-hole. From thence they were taken out to be carried back to Copenhagen. It was there that our philosopher was to know his doom. He expected it to be dreadful, and our readers doubtless expect so to; but Candide was mistaken, as our readers will be likewise. It was at Copenhagen that happiness waited to crown all his sufferings. He was hardly arrived when he understood that Wolhall was dead. This barbarian had no one to regret him, while everybody interested themselves for Candide.
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