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Candide, Or The Optimist

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CHAPTER X.  In what distress Candide, Cunegund, and the Old Woman arrive at Cadiz; and of their Embarkation. 

"WHO could it be that has robbed me of my moidores and jewels?" exclaimed Miss Cunegund, all bathed in tears. " How shall we live? what shall we do? where shall I find Inquisitors and Jews who can give me more?" "Alas !" said the old woman, "I have a shrewd suspicion of a reverend Father Cordelier, who lay last night in the same inn with us at Badajoz. God forbid I should condemn anyone wrongfully, but he came into our room twice, and he set off in the morning long before us." "Alas!" said Candide, "Pangloss has often demonstrated to me that the goods of this world are common to all men, and that every one has an equal right to the enjoyment of them; but according to these principles, the Cordelier ought to have left us enough to carry us to the end of our journey. Have you nothing at all left, my dear Miss Cunegund? " "Not a sous," replied she." What is to be done, then?" said Candide. "Sell one of the horses," replied the old woman. "I will get behind Miss Cunegund, though I have only one side to ride on; and we shall reach Cadiz, never fear."  

In the same inn there was a Benedictine friar, who bought the horse very cheap. Candide, Cunegund, and the old woman, after passing through Lucina, Chellas, and Letrixa, arrived at length at Cadiz. A fleet was then getting ready, and troops were assembling, in order to reduce the reverend father Jesuits of Paraguay, who were accused of having excited one of the Indian tribes in the neighbourhood of the town of the Holy Sacrament to revolt against the kings of Spain and Portugal. Candide, having been in the Bulgarian service, performed the military exercise of that nation before the general of this little army with so intrepid an air, and with such agility and expedition, that he gave him the command of a company of foot. Being now made a captain, he embarks with Miss Cunegund, the old woman, two valets, and the two Andalusian horses which had belonged to the Grand Inquisitor of Portugal.
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