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Candide, Or The Optimist

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The old woman rightly guessed that the Cordelier with the long sleeves was the person who had taken Miss Cunegund's money and jewels, while they and Candide were at Badajoz, in their flight from Lisbon. This same friar attempted to sell some of the diamonds to a jeweller, who presently knew them to have belonged to the Grand Inquisitor, and stopped them. The Cordelier, before he was hanged, acknowledged that he had stolen them, and described the persons and the road they had taken. The flight of Cunegund and Candide was already the town talk. They sent in pursuit of them to Cadiz; and the vessel which had been sent to make the greater despatch had now reached the port of Buenos Ayres. A report was spread that an alcayde was going to land, and that he was in pursuit of the murderers of my lord the Inquisitor. The sage old woman immediately saw what was to be done. "You cannot run away" said she to Cunegund; "but you have nothing to fear. It was not you who killed my Lord Inquisitor. Besides, as the Governor is in love with you, he will not suffer you to be ill- treated. Therefore stand your ground." Then hurrying away to Candide, "Begone," said she, "from hence this instant, or you will be burnt alive!" Candide found there was no time to be lost. But how could he part from Cunegund. and whither must he fly for shelter?   

The reception Candide and Cacambo met with among the Jesuits in Paraguay. 

CANDIDE had brought with him from Cadiz such a footman as one often meets with on the coasts of Spain and in the colonies. He was the fourth part of a Spaniard, of a mongrel breed, and born in Tucuman. He had successfully gone through the profession of a singing boy, sexton, sailor, monk, pedlar, soldier, and lacquey. His name was Cacambo. He had a great affection for his master, because his master was a mighty good man. He immediately saddled the two Andalusian horses. "Come, my good master, let us follow the old woman's advice, and make all the haste we can from this place without staying to look behind us."
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