Farewell Address
George Washington

Farewell Address (John Avlon's introduction) :: George Washington :: History in Five, 2017 :: 1:51 min.
American journalist John Avalon describes the mood of George Washington at close of his presidency and his reason for publishing "Farewell Address," a parting letter to the people. Relevant to society today, the letter identifies why he fears for national survival: hyper-partisanship. His two other concerns, divulged in the letter, not the clip, are financial debt and foreign powers' meddling in U.S. elections—three threats, he foresees, to survival.

Farewell Address (full speech) :: George Washington :: U.S. Congress, 2012 :: Sen. Angus King :: 49:29 min.
Senator Angus King delivers a highly articulate reading of President George Washington's complete "Farewell Address."  In it, Washington informs Americans of his decision not to seek a third term and warns them against being unduly devoted to their political party or their geographic locale. He also discourages long-term alliances with foreign nations.

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