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Technical Basics

  • Which browser should I use for Gleeditions?
  • The website has been tested and found to operate across all major browsers and mobile devices
  • Do I need to disable pop-up blockers for Gleeditions to work?
  • The basic components will work even if you do not disable any pop-up blockers. But you must disable them to use special features (e.g., the hyperlinks that allow you to compare related passages in a text).
  • Do I need to have JavaScript enabled in my browser?
  • Yes, you need to have JavaScript enabled to use the features provided by Gleeditions. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, then refer to your browser's settings or preferences to enable JavaScript.
  • Do I need to have cookies and SSL enabled?
  • Yes, you need to have cookies and SSL enabled to use the features provided by Gleeditions. If you do not have them enabled, then refer to your browser's settings or preferences to enable them.
  • How do I access the Gleeditions Academic Edition off campus?
  • If your school has the Academic Edition, to use it off campus, log in to your school library (via a proxy server and/or VPN), locate its databases, and open Gleeditions. If your school library does not provide off-campus access, sign up for your own account on Gleeditions on campus. Then log in off campus at to reach your account page (open all titles).

Content Questions

The first few questions pertain to the Newly Annotated E-texts on this site.     
  • Who writes the annotations?
  • Scholars who specialize in the literary and historical dimensions of a text. See the Title Page of each Gleedition (listed first in its Table of Contents) for names and credentials.
  • Who reviews the annotations?
  • Professors in the field who teach the literary work. See the Title Page of each Gleedition for names and credentials.
  • Why does Huckleberry Finn start on Page 17?
  • Pagination matches that of the first American edition of the novel.
  • How do Gleeditions e-texts differ from those on other literary sites?
  • Gleeditions provides preferred editions, vetted by scholars in the field. Its Newly Annotated E-texts include side notes, substantiated by the literary text itself. To our knowledge, our site alone includes texts annotated for seven literary elements.
  • What is the Academic Edition?
  • A complete, full-content version of the database, available to institutions only. The Academic Edition typically provides annual access to an unlimited number of users on and off campus. To subscribe or get the price for your institution, contact us.
  • How do I document a Gleeditions e-text or video?
  • For a Works Cited list, according to the MLA Handbook: Eighth Edition (2016):
    • Sample Newly Annotated E-text (See Title Page of each e-text for particulars.)
      Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Macbeth. Annotated by Jeff Morris. Gleeditions, 2010,

      Sample Multigenre E-text (See footnote on first page of each e-text for particulars.)
      Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself. 1845. Gleeditions, 17 Sept. 2011,

      Sample Video (See the Gleeditions heading above each video for particulars.)
      "Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 1," performance by Judi Dench, RSC, 1979. Gleeditions, Video clip.
  • What teaching aids have been developed for Gleeditions?
  • See an Instructor's User Guide on how to fit the Gleeditions titles into current teaching practices and a Sample Lesson Plan for a Newly Annotated Shakespeare E-text (Gleeditions Macbeth).

Operational Questions

  • How do I buy access to a Gleedition?
  • Click on Collections & Titles in the top toolbar, find the literary work of your choice, and click Buy.
  • Can I buy access without registering?
  • No, you must register with Gleeditions to purchase access to its literary works.
  • What if I click a checkbox at the top of a page and none of the text gets highlighted?
  • Uncheck all the checked boxes. Refresh the page and check them again. If the problem persists, go into your browser preferences, select Clear Recent History or Clear Browsing Data, and try again.
  • What happens to my Saved Annotations when my access expires?
  • Gleeditions remain listed (but inactive) in your account for 31 days after expiration; your saved annotations for a title are stored for that month only. To retrieve them, you must renew within the month.
  • For how long does Renew extend my subscription?
  • Renew allows for manual renewal of your access to a title for the period of your choice (3 or 6 months).
  • Must I pay to use the website’s literary-news feature?
  • No, the literary news feature is free. You can read the postings without charge or registration, but to submit a posting, you must complete a brief registration form. The items are posted free of charge.
  • How do I unsubscribe from the Gleeditions mailing list?
  • Included in the community emails you receive is an opt-out feature that allows you to remove yourself from the mailing list by clicking a hyperlink. If you are a fully registered user, you can also log in to your account to change your preference about mailings on your My Profile page.
  • How can I fix a page if my browser suddenly adds strange characters to the page?
  • Go to Encoding or Character Encoding in your browser menus. Make sure it is set on Western.
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