Metamorphoses: Diana and Actaeon :: Ovid :: Credit Suisse, 2012 :: 3:36 min.
In a wordless trailer (for a National Gallery exhibit of Titian's paintings on the Diana myth as told in Ovid's Metamorphoses), the hunter Actaeon spies Diana (goddess of the hunt) bathing. She avenges the wrong by transforming him into a stag that his own hounds hunt down to devour. Ed Speelers and Anna Friel star in the myth re-imagined.

Metamorphoses: Phaeton :: Ovid :: Mary Zimmmerman, 1996 :: 4:39 min.
In a modern adaptation (by Mary Zimmerman) of the myth, actor Sean Patrick Flannery is Phaeton, mortal son of the deity Apollo, who drove a sun chariot across the sky each day. The retelling, and its performance here, draw out the relevancy for today's audiences.

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