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Book 1 summary. Ovid announces his theme of stories of change, from Creation to his own day (circa 8 CE). Subjects covered include Creation, Four Ages of Humankind (in which it degenerates into selfishness and brutality), a great flood, a new race of people, creatures, and some adventures of the Greek/Roman gods.

Book I

Bk I:1-20 The Primal Chaos.
Bk I:21-31 Separation of the elements.
Bk I:32-51 The earth and sea. The five zones.
Bk I:52-68 The four winds.
Bk I:68-88 Humankind.
Bk I:89-112 The Golden Age.
Bk I:113-124 The Silver Age.
Bk I:125-150 The Bronze Age.
Bk I:151-176 The giants.
Bk I:177-198 Jupiter threatens to destroy humankind.
Bk I:199-243 Lycaon is turned into a wolf
Bk I:244-273 Jupiter invokes the floodwaters.
Bk I:274-292 The Flood.
Bk I:293-312 The world is drowned.
Bk I:313-347 Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha.
Bk I:348-380 They ask Themis for help.
Bk I:381-415 The human race is re-created.
Bk I:416-437 Other species are generated.
Bk I:438-472 Phoebus kills the Python and sees Daphne.
Bk I:473-503 Phoebus pursues Daphne.
Bk I:504-524 Phoebus begs Daphne to yield to him.
Bk I:525-552 Daphne becomes the laurel bough.
Bk I:553-567 Phoebus honours Daphne.
Bk I:568-587 Inachus mourns for Io.
Bk I:587-600 Jupiter's rape of Io.
Bk I:601-621 Jupiter transforms Io to a heifer
Bk I:622-641 Juno claims Io and Argus guards her
Bk I:642-667 Inachus finds Io and grieves for her
Bk I:668-688 Jupiter sends Mercury to kill Argus.
Bk I:689-721 Mercury tells the story of Syrinx.
Bk I:722-746 Io is returned to human form.
Bk I:747-764 Phaethon’s parentage.
Bk I:765-779 Phaethon sets out for the Palace of the Sun
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