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Glossary of Mythical Terms
Note: Book numbers indicate parts of poem in which term appears;
for book page numbers, go to Table of Contents.

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Of or pertaining to Abas, twelfth King of Argos; can also mean Argive (of or pertaining to the ancient Greek city Argos or the larger, surrounding region of Argolis).

An epithet of Perseus, as the great-grandson of Abas. Bk V:107-148; Bk V:200-249.

A Caucasian. A companion of Phineus killed by Perseus. Bk V:74-106.

Abas (1)
King of Argos, father of Acrisius, great grandfather of Perseus. Bk IV:604-662; Bk XV:143-175.

Abas (2)
A companion of Diomede. Venus transforms him into a bird. Bk XIV:483-511.

Abas (3)
A centaur. Bk XII:290-326.

Abas (4)
A warrior friend of Perseus. Bk V:107-148.

Medea’s young brother. Bk VII:1-74.

A coastal region of western central Greece, bordering the Ionian Sea, bounded to the south-east by the River Acheloüs, and scene of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. Bk VIII:547-610.

King of Iolchos in Thessaly, son of Pelias.
Bk VIII:260-328. He is present at the Calydonian Boar Hunt.
Bk XI:346-409. He absolves Peleus of blood-guilt.

A Trojan, a friend of Aeneas, living at Eryx on Sicily. 
Bk XIV:75-100. On a visit, Aeneas sacrifices and pays honour at the tomb of his father, Anchises, who died in Sicily. (See Virgil, The Aeneid III 700, and V.)

A companion of Ulysses, wrongly believed lost near Aetna. Bk XIV:154-222.
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