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Book 2 summary. From the story of Phaethon and his attempt to drive the sun chariot, the book leads into descriptions of his sisters, Jupiter's loves, tattletalers who suffer the consequences, and more.

Book II
Bk II:1-30 The Palace of the Sun.
Bk II:31-48 Phaethon and his father.
Bk II:49-62 The Sun's admonitions.
Bk II:63-89 His further warnings.
Bk II:90-110 Phaethon insists on driving the chariot.
Bk II:111-149 The Sun's instructions.
Bk II:150-177 The Horses run wild.
Bk II:178-200 Phaethon lets go of the reins.
Bk II:201-226 The mountains burn.
Bk II:227-271 The rivers are dried up.
Bk II:272-300 Earth complains.
Bk II:301-328 Jupiter intervenes and Phaethon dies.
Bk II:329-343 Phaethon's sisters grieve for him.
Bk II:344-366 The sisters turned into poplar trees.
Bk II:367-380 Cycnus.
Bk II:381-400 The Sun returns to his task.
Bk II:401-416 Jupiter sees Callisto.
Bk II:417-440 Jupiter rapes Callisto.
Bk II:441-465 Diana discover's Callisto's shame.
Bk II:466-495 Callisto turned into a bear
Bk II:496-507 Arcas and Callisto become constellations.
Bk II:508-530 Juno complains to Tethys and Oceanus.
Bk II:531-565 The Raven and the Crow.
Bk II:566-595 The Crow's story.
Bk II:596-611 Coronis is betrayed and Phoebus kills her
Bk II:612-632 Phoebus repents and saves Aesculapius.
Bk II:633-675 Chiron and Chariclo's prophecies.
Bk II:676-707 Mercury, Battus and the stolen cattle.
Bk II:708-736 Mercury sees Herse.
Bk II:737-751 Mercury elicits the help of Aglauros.
Bk II:752-786 Minerva calls on Envy.
Bk II:787-811 Envy poisons Aglauros's heart.
Bk II:812-832 Aglauros is turned to stone.
Bk II:833-875 Jupiter's abduction of Europa.
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