Second Inaugural Address
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" :: Doris Kearns Goodwin :: C-SPAN, 2006 :: 39:23 min.
At a lively pace, the Pulitzer Prize winner explains why and how she wrote a history of Lincoln, then shares insights into his personality, rivals, marriage, and assassination. She ends with a few of her own personal details, relating the history to our everyday lives.

*Team of Rivals: The Political Genuis of Abraham Lincoln—about 900 pages, on the years 1860-65.

Second Inaugural Address :: Abraham Lincoln :: 2:50 min.
In the 1865 speech, the last half of which is recited here, Lincoln interprets the Civil War as God's will to remove the blight of slavery from the land; urging his war-weary listeners to strive on, he looks forward to a just and lasting peace.

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