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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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I'm not following;
I'm sure there'd only be more quarrelling.
How that old harridan . . .

Oh, how I regret
That she can't hear you use that epithet.
She'd tell you at length what she thinks of your wit,
And that she's not old enough to merit it.

What a fuss she made about nearly nothing!
And what a passion for Tartuffe, her darling!

Oh!  Really, she's normal compared to her son,
And if you could see him, you'd say, "Here's one
Who's nuts!"  During the war, he seemed quite sage,
And in serving his prince, showed some courage,
But now he's become an absolute fool
Since he gave himself up to Tartuffe's rule.
He calls him his brother and the love of his life--
More dear than mother, daughter, son, or wife.
He's the sole confidant of all his secrets
And the sole director of all his projects.
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