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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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Scene III

Ah! I'm pleased to see you all assembled.
[To MARIANE]  This contract here should make you very gay;
I'm sure you know what I'm about to say.
MARIANE [kneeling
In the name of God, who knows how I hurt,
And of everything which might move your heart,
Forgo, for now, the rights of paternity
And release me from my vow of docility.
Do not reduce me by some brutal rule
To asking God why you've grown so cruel.
And this life, alas, that you gave to me--
Do not make it a life of misery.
If, contrary to all my sweet hopes of
Joy, you forbid me to wed the man I love,
Hear me at least--on my knees I implore
You not to give me to a man I abhor,
And don't push me past the point of despair
By using your full force in this affair.
ORGON [to himself, sensing himself weakening]
Be firm. This is no time for humanity!
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