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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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(TARTUFFE, ELMIRE, ORGON  [under the table])

You wish to speak with me in here, I'm told.

Yes. I now have some secrets to unfold,
But shut the door before I say a word
And look around--we mustn't be overheard.

[TARTUFFE closes the door and returns.]

I don't want another fracas to ensue
Like the one that overtook us hitherto.
Never before have I been so dismayed!
Damis startled me and made me afraid
For you. You must have seen that I did my best
To disrupt his plan and soothe his unrest.
It is true that I was so filled with shame
That I never thought of denying his claim,
But by the grace of God, I'm nearly sure
All is for the best and we're now more secure.
The prestige of your name has dispelled the storm,
And my husband will never suspect you of harm.
Defying those with rumors to foment,
He wants us together at every moment.
And that is why without blame I can
Be alone with you although you're a man,
And that allows me to open my heart
Willingly to the sweet thoughts you impart.
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