"It's certainly impressive, and interesting for its pedagogic strategies for layering information. I admired the background material ... and found many useful functions in the [Othello] e-text for student use."
Robert Watson, Professor, UCLA
"Wonderful! Easy to navigate and clean-looking. No fluff!"
Carol Jago, President, NCTE

"It says what needs to be said in a clear, succinct, and lively way so that readers can remember it. The visual aids are really useful and suggestive."
Howard Eiland, Lecturer, MIT

"Wow, it is much more rich, detailed, and useful than anything I have ever seen."
Professor James Kincaid, University of Southern California


"I was given the tools to make interpretations on my own as well as having expert information to compare my ideas to. I felt that I have a deep and greater understanding of the play than I would just reading ... the typical ... editions."
Theresa M.

"I loved the historical and the geographical backgrounds. I am a very visual learner, and being able to see the location where the play takes place and to get some background information on the play made it a lot easier for me to follow and stay interested.... This online edition helped me realize what great imagery and wording [Shakespeare] utilizes ... I feel like I have a much greater comprehension of the fine points of The Tragedy of Macbeth."
Tony D.

"I loved how the annotations were broken down into different colors, and how easy it was to just simply click and get a better explanation of a word, a certain scene or a particular idea."
Bonnie F.

"There is a glossary ... that was very helpful. Just by reading that page I reviewed all we have learned throughout the semester all in just a short time. Another helpful tool I found was the ability to search the entire work."
Chase M.

Booklist Magazine (9/1/10)

"These Gleeditions texts incorporate many of the best features ... of classics for students.... Gleeditions adds a more thorough repertoire of annotation types, illustrations, color, and interactivity."
Craig Bunch

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