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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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KnT 3091 "I trowe ther nedeth litel sermonyng
KnT 3092 To make yow assente to this thyng.
KnT 3093 Com neer, and taak youre lady by the hond."
KnT 3094 Bitwixen hem was maad anon the bond
KnT 3095 That highte matrimoigne or mariage,
KnT 3096 By al the conseil and the baronage.
KnT 3097 And thus with alle blisse and melodye
KnT 3098 Hath Palamon ywedded Emelye.
KnT 3099 And God, that al this wyde world hath wroght,
KnT 3100 Sende hym his love that hath it deere aboght;
KnT 3101 For now is Palamon in alle wele,
KnT 3102 Lyvynge in blisse, in richesse, and in heele,
KnT 3103 And Emelye hym loveth so tendrely,
KnT 3104 And he hire serveth so gentilly,
KnT 3105 That nevere was ther no word hem bitwene
KnT 3106 Of jalousie or any oother teene.
KnT 3107 Thus endeth Palamon and Emelye;
KnT 3108 And God save al this faire compaignye! Amen.

Source, "The Knight's Tale": NeCastro, Gerard. eChaucer. U of Maine at Machias, 2011. Web. 17 Oct. 2011.
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