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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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"The Nun's Priest's Tale" courtesy Gerard NeCastro, University of Maine at Machias.

Nun's Priest's Tale (Middle English)

NPT 2821 A povre wydwe, somdeel stape in age,
NPT 2822 Was whilom dwellyng in a narwe cotage,
NPT 2823 Biside a grove, stondynge in a dale.
NPT 2824 This wydwe, of which I telle yow my tale,
NPT 2825 Syn thilke day that she was last a wyf
NPT 2826 In pacience ladde a ful symple lyf,
NPT 2827 For litel was hir catel and hir rente.
NPT 2828 By housbondrie of swich as God hire sente
NPT 2829 She foond hirself and eek hir doghtren two.
NPT 2830 Thre large sowes hadde she, and namo,
NPT 2831 Three keen, and eek a sheep that highte Malle.
NPT 2832 Ful sooty was hire bour and eek hir halle,
NPT 2833 In which she eet ful many a sklendre meel.
NPT 2834 Of poynaunt sauce hir neded never a deel.
NPT 2835 No deyntee morsel passed thurgh hir throte;
NPT 2836 Hir diete was accordant to hir cote.
NPT 2837 Repleccioun ne made hire nevere sik;
NPT 2838 Attempree diete was al hir phisik,
NPT 2839 And exercise, and hertes suffisaunce.
NPT 2840 The goute lette hire nothyng for to daunce,
NPT 2841 N' apoplexie shente nat hir heed.
NPT 2842 No wyn ne drank she, neither whit ne reed;
NPT 2843 Hir bord was served moost with whit and blak --
NPT 2844 Milk and broun breed, in which she foond no lak,
NPT 2845 Seynd bacoun, and somtyme an ey or tweye,
NPT 2846 For she was, as it were, a maner deye.
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