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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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NPT 2847 A yeerd she hadde, enclosed al aboute
NPT 2848 With stikkes, and a drye dych withoute,
NPT 2849 In which she hadde a cok, hight Chauntecleer.
NPT 2850 In al the land, of crowyng nas his peer.
NPT 2851 His voys was murier than the murie orgon
NPT 2852 On messe-dayes that in the chirche gon.
NPT 2853 Wel sikerer was his crowyng in his logge
NPT 2854 Than is a clokke or an abbey orlogge.
NPT 2855 By nature he knew ech ascencioun
NPT 2856 Of the equynoxial in thilke toun;
NPT 2857 For whan degrees fiftene weren ascended,
NPT 2858 Thanne crew he that it myghte nat been amended.
NPT 2859 His coomb was redder than the fyn coral,
NPT 2860 And batailled as it were a castel wal;
NPT 2861 His byle was blak, and as the jeet it shoon;
NPT 2862 Lyk asure were his legges and his toon;
NPT 2863 His nayles whitter than the lylye flour,
NPT 2864 And lyk the burned gold was his colour.
NPT 2865 This gentil cok hadde in his governaunce
NPT 2866 Sevene hennes for to doon al his plesaunce,
NPT 2867 Whiche were his sustres and his paramours,
NPT 2868 And wonder lyk to hym, as of colours;
NPT 2869 Of whiche the faireste hewed on hir throte
NPT 2870 Was cleped faire damoysele Pertelote.
NPT 2871 Curteys she was, discreet, and debonaire,
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