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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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PardT 489 Whan he of wyn was repleet at his feeste,
PardT 490 Right at his owene table he yaf his heeste
PardT 491 To sleen the Baptist John, ful giltelees.
PardT 492 Senec seith a good word doutelees;
PardT 493 He seith he kan no difference fynde
PardT 494 Bitwix a man that is out of his mynde
PardT 495 And a man which that is dronkelewe,
PardT 496 But that woodnesse, yfallen in a shrewe,
PardT 497 Persevereth lenger than doth dronkenesse.
PardT 498 O glotonye, ful of cursednesse!
PardT 499 O cause first of oure confusioun!
PardT 500 O original of oure dampnacioun,
PardT 501 Til Crist hadde boght us with his blood agayn!
PardT 502 Lo, how deere, shortly for to sayn,
PardT 503 Aboght was thilke cursed vileynye!
PardT 504 Corrupt was al this world for glotonye.
PardT 505 Adam oure fader, and his wyf also,
PardT 506 Fro Paradys to labour and to wo
PardT 507 Were dryven for that vice, it is no drede.
PardT 508 For whil that Adam fasted, as I rede,
PardT 509 He was in Paradys; and whan that he
PardT 510 Eet of the fruyt deffended on the tree,
PardT 511 Anon he was out cast to wo and peyne.
PardT 512 O glotonye, on thee wel oghte us pleyne!
PardT 513 O, wiste a man how manye maladyes
PardT 514 Folwen of excesse and of glotonyes,
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