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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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PardT 957 So wrooth he was, no word ne wolde he seye.
PardT 958 "Now," quod oure Hoost, "I wol no lenger pleye
PardT 959 With thee, ne with noon oother angry man."
PardT 960 But right anon the worthy Knyght bigan,
PardT 961 Whan that he saugh that al the peple lough,
PardT 962 "Namoore of this, for it is right ynough!
PardT 963 Sire Pardoner, be glad and myrie of cheere;
PardT 964 And ye, sire Hoost, that been to me so deere,
PardT 965 I prey yow that ye kisse the Pardoner.
PardT 966 And Pardoner, I prey thee, drawe thee neer,
PardT 967 And, as we diden, lat us laughe and pleye."
PardT 968 Anon they kiste, and ryden forth hir weye.

Source, "The Pardoner's Tale": NeCastro, Gerard. eChaucer. U of Maine at Machias, 2011. Web. 17 Oct. 2011.
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