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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • *can, kan: know, be able
  • *canstow: can you, you can
  • *cas: happening, chance
  • *certes: surely, certainly
  • certeyn: certainly, sure(ly)
  • chees, chese(n): choose, chose chosen
  • cheere, chiere ial expression
  • *clepe(n): call
  • *clerk: scholar
  • conne: learn, can
  • conseil: secret, advice
  • coude: could
  • *coy: quiet
  • deel: bit
  • delit: delight, pleasure *
  • deme: judge, suppose
  • devyse: tell (of), describe
  • deye: die
  • dorste: dare, dared
  • dout: doubt
  • dout, out of: beyond doubt
  • drede: doubt; dread, fear


  • *ech: each
  • echo(o)n: each one
  • *eek, eke: also
  • elles, ellis: else
  • entente: intent, attention
  • *er, or: before; formerly
  • ese: pleasure
  • *everich: every; every one
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