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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • *fay, fey: faith
  • fere, feere: companion
  • fele, feele: many
  • ferre: farther
  • fil: fell, happened
  • flour: flower; flour
  • for: for; because
  • *forthy: therefore
  • foryeve: forgive
  • free: generous, gracious, liberal
  • *fro: from


  • game: fun
  • *gan, gonne: began
  • go(on): go
  • goost: soul, spirit
  • gyse: guise, manner, way; plan

  • *han: have
  • *hastow: have you, you have
  • heigh: high
  • *hem: them
  • hem lost (or liste): they wanted
  • hende: ready at hand, convenient, handy; pleasant, courteous
  • hente: take, seize, get
  • here: her
  • hewe: hue, color
  • *hight: named, called
  • *him lest (list): he wants
  • *hir(e): her, their
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