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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • *ich: I
  • *ilke: same

  • jape(s): trick(s); joke(s)

  • *kan: know; know how to; can
  • keep(e), kepe: heed
  • *konne: learn; know how to; can
  • konnyng: skill, knowledge
  • *koude: knew; knew how to; could
  • *kynde: nature

  • *lasse: less
  • lese: lose
  • lest(e): please, pleases, pleased
  • hem (him) leste, liste (impersonal): it is pleasing
  • they (he) wanted
  • lete: leave, forsake, abandon
  • lette: forbear, desist, hinder
  • *le(e)ve: dear
  • liggen: to lie
  • like, liketh: it please(s)
  • list(e): it pleased, it pleases
  • *lite: little
  • lith: lies
  • lust: pleasure, desire
  • lusty: lusty; joyous; pleasant; vigorous
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