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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • maad: made
  • *maistow, maystow: may you, you may
  • *make: mate, husband, make
  • maner(e): kind of, manner
  • maugre: in spite of
  • mede: reward
  • met(te): dream
  • *mo: more
  • mooste: most; greatest
  • *moot(e) (n): may, must, ought to; so (also, ever)
  • moot I: as I hope to
  • *morewe: morrow, morning
  • *mowe: may
  • *muche(l): much, many (a)
  • *nam: am not
  • namely: especially, specifically
  • *namo, namoore: no more
  • *nas: was not
  • *nat: not
  • *nathelees: nevertheless
  • *ne: not, nor
  • *nere: were not
  • niste: did not know
  • noght: nought, nothing; not
  • *nolde: would not
  • *nones, nonys: occasion
  • *noon: none, no
  • *noot: know not
  • *nyce: foolish
  • *nys: is not
  • nyste: knew not
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