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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • saugh, say
  • seigh: saw
  • *seistow: you say
  • seith: says
  • seke: seek
  • *sely: innocent, simple
  • sentence: meaning, opinion, sentiments, subject matter
  • *seyde: said
  • *seye: say
  • *shaltow: you shall
  • shape (reflexive): plan, planned
  • shrewe: scoundrel, wretch
  • *sikerly: certainly, surely, truly
  • *sith: since, then
  • slawe, yslawe: slain
  • sola(a)s: pleasure, entertainment
  • *somdel: somewhat
  • somtyme: once, sometimes
  • so(o)re: bitterly, sorely
  • *sooth, soothfastnes
  • sothe: truth
  • so(o)the, soothly: true, truly
  • spedde him: hastened
  • squier: squire
  • stente, stynte: cease, stop, restrain
  • sperte: started
  • steven: voice
  • suffre: permit, endure
  • sweven, e, -es, -ys: dream(s)
  • *swich: such
  • swynk, swynken: work syke: sick
  • *syn: since
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