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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • task: taketh: take
  • *than(ne): then; than
  • thee(n): prosper; so moot I thee: as I hope to prosper
  • ther, ther as: where
  • *thilke: this, that, at that
  • *tho: those;
  • thoght: thought; anxiety
  • thoughte (impersonal): it seemed
  • thurgh: through
  • thynketh (impersonal): it seems
  • til: until, to
  • to: to
  • trewe: true
  • trowe: believe
  • *tweye: two
  • *unnethe(s): scarecely

  • *verray: true, veritable
  • vileynye: rudeness, shameful speech or deed
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