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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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  • war: aware; be (beth) war(e),
  • a ware yow: beware, take heed
  • wende, -en, -eth: go, pass
  • *wene, -eth: think, suppose
  • werre: war
  • what: what; why
  • wher: where; whether
  • wher as: where
  • which that: which, who
  • *whylom: o once upon a time, formerly
  • *wight: person, thing
  • wist, wiste: known, knew
  • wol: will, would, would like
  • wood: crazy, demented, wild
  • woodnesse: madness
  • woot, woost: know, understand
  • wostow: you know, do you know
  • worthy: distinguished, well to do; in good social standing
  • wroghte: made, did, w
  • wydwe: widow

  • *yaf: gave
  • *ycleped: named
  • ydo: done
  • *ye(n): e
  • *yeve, -en, -est, -eth: give, given
  • yifte: gift
  • *ynogh: e
  • ysene: seen
  • yvel(e): evil, evilly
  • *ywis: y, certainly

Source, "Middle English Glossary": NeCastro, Gerard. eChaucer. U of Maine at Machias, 2011. Web. 17 Oct. 2011.
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