They Shut Me Up in Prose
Emily Dickinson

I Dwell in Possibility :: Emily Dickinson :: Poet's House, 2010 :: Bill Murray :: 1:08 min.
The speaker deems poetry superior to prose. Are the two terms stand-ins for some other contest (e.g., the possibilities of imagination vs. the limitations of reason)? Some say so.
(The term gambrel = A gable roof with two slopes on each of its sides, a top slope and a bottom, steeper one.) 

They Shut Me Up in Prose (related biodrama) :: Emily Dickinson :: Music Box Films, 2016 :: 1:52 min.
A Quiet Passion captures the independent spirit that was Emily Dickinson (played by Cynthia Nixon), in her life, as in her letters. Her on-screen defiance relates closely to "They Shut Me Up in Prose." Dickinson's life, scholars say, ended more happily than the film suggests, but they applaud its readings of her verse and various other aspects.

They Shut Me Up in Prose :: Emily Dickinson :: Library of Congress, 2015 :: 28 sec.
A defiant speaker waxes poetic on the power of the mind to overcome cultural restrictions (i.e., conceptions of a woman's proper place in the 1860s, when the poem was written).


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